Two Hard Lessons for Opening an Etsy Store

I recently opened an Etsy store where I sell wreaths and have since learned two very important lessons.

I’m fortunate enough to have realized these lessons prior to investing a lot of money into my Etsy store and materials for my Etsy store. However, I am writing this article in an attempt to help someone avoid what I think are two very important lessons.

The number one warning I have for people who are just starting to sell wreaths (or on Etsy in general) is that it will likely take you about a year to get your Etsy store running and you’ll be a season behind for a year.

I say this because I started my Etsy store in November. In fact, I started it at the worst time in November because it was right after Remembrance Day. This tends to be the time of year when there is no fall decor to be found and Christmas decor is full price.

This is important because in order to have higher profit margins on wreaths or any other seasonal item you may be selling, it is important to get supplies and materials at a low cost.

For instance, ornament wreaths that are popular during the holidays can easily require 100 ornaments to create. This adds up very quickly when you’re paying full price for ornaments. Your best bet is to get stocked up on ornaments when they go on clearance sale right after Christmas.

Another problem you’ll encounter when starting an Etsy store (especially a seasonal store) is that when potential customers are looking for a product they will likely be looking at the beginning of that season.

Using myself for an example again, starting an Etsy store mid-November was not ideal because it gave me a very limited window to have a large supply of product available during peak buying times. What I mean by that is people generally buy Christmas wreaths as soon as the Christmas season begins. Most people do not buy Christmas wreaths mid December because they have likely already purchased a wreath elsewhere.

I personally am very glad I came to these realizations before it was too late and I hope I helped you avoid some potential pitfalls when opening up your Etsy store.

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