5 Fall/Winter 2021 Trends I Love

In case you haven’t heard, the preppy look is back! Think the original version of the television show Gossip Girl.

I love the preppy look, and although I tend to always dress girly and preppy, the look is more in style during different periods of time than others. Below are some of my favorite Fall/Winter 2021 preppy clothing and accessories and where to buy them.


I love headbands for so many reasons. There are so many different ways you can wear them. You can dress them up or down. There are so many different kinds, colors, patterns, and styles you can purchase. One of my favorite things about headbands is that they make it easy to cover up a bad hair day!

I purchased this headband from SHEIN at $4.00 each. I get a TON of compliments every time I wear one of these. I love this headband and people seem to agree with me.


Personally I love Tweed, I think it always looks very classy. One of the downsides to tweed is that it is very uncomfortable to wear if it is hot outside (in my opinion). I think tweed is super cute and below are two of my favorite tweed blazers from SHEIN.

I bought both of these blazers from SHEIN, the blue I paid $44.00 and the black I paid $29.00 for. I tend to wear the black one more because it is more neutral but I get compliments on both every time I wear them.


I love to put my hair up in a bun and clip a bow in or wear my hair half up and half down with a blow clipped in. I love bows because they are a very simple accessory that is usually quite subtle but when people notice it, it pops and adds so much to your outfit.

I bought these bows from SHEIN and all four costs me $6.00. However, another favorite place of mine to buy bows is Ardennes, they are usually 10/$10 here and I can usually find bigger bows that are more like "cheer bows".

Skirts with Suspenders

I love the look of suspenders. For example, Terry Crews in Brooklynn 99 always looks dynamite. This had never really been something I shopped for because I had never seen anything I liked in my size, that is, until this season.

These are also both from SHEIN. The plaid one I paid $16.00 and the black one I paid $26.00, I tend to wear the plaid one more because I love the print. The first time I wore the plaid one I got about 7 compliments and one person said she was going to buy my entire outfit because she loved it so much.

The Houndstooth print

The Houndstooth print tends to come in and out of style often. It is not my favorite print of all time. However, I think it is unique and this blazer really makes a statement.

I bought this entire outfit from SHEIN for $33.00. I tend to wear each piece separately because I find that the two of them together draw a lot of attention.


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