10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

I think that practicing self-care is very important for my mental health and emotional wellbeing. Incorporating self-care into your everyday life can be very beneficial and once I got into a routine of doing these things, I found it easy to make them a habit.

Here are a few small ways I incorporate self-care into my everyday life:

1. I buy myself fresh flowers every two weeks. Honestly, I am on a tight budget so I only buy them when they’re on sale. They still usually last about two weeks and I love seeing fresh flowers every day and giving my white kitchen a pop of color.

2. I try my best to clean my condo one day during the week so I don’t need to worry about it on the weekend (especially Sunday). I promise you, if you are one of those people who spend their entire Sunday cleaning their home if you can find a way to get it done during the week so you can relax on Sunday, it will change your life.

3. I make time for my friends and family. Of course, because of Covid, I’m not really seeing friends and family these days. However, on almost a daily basis, I have 45 minutes to two-hour phone calls with different friends and relatives. I also think it’s really nice to also do video calls so it is a little bit more personal. Really though. I’ve gotten so used to not seeing my friends, having a nice long phone call makes me just as happy these days.

4. I make time for “girl time” specifically. Oftentimes, I crave time with my best friend Jewels by ourselves. Sometimes I plan out “friend dates” and we go out somewhere that I wouldn’t normally go unless it was a special day. For example, doing high tea at a nice hotel.

5. I have baths. Some people do not like baths, I personally find them very relaxing. I clean up my whole tub beforehand and I light candles and make it really relaxing for myself. After a nice hot bath, I always get a great sleep.

6. I reward myself all the time. If I feel like I’ve been working really hard at something or even if I just need a pick me up to lift my spirits, I buy myself a small gift. By small gift, I mean I buy a new drug store brand nail polish or something, nothing extravagant.

7. I make time for myself and my hobbies. I personally love both reading and adult coloring. I find both activities very soothing and fun. I ensure that I make time to do these things if my life is very stressful or I have a lot on my plate.

8. I try to go outside, have great fresh air and spend time in nature. I find that going for a nice long walk alone is a great way to clear my head and practice mindfulness.

9. I wake up early because I love having time alone in the morning to relax and drink coffee before anyone else is awake and bothering me. I actually do this every morning and my two hours alone in the morning is truly the best part of my day.


I manage my time. I try and use my time wisely so if I want to have a night to relax then I don’t feel guilty about the fact that I should be using that time to do something productive. I also say no to people. I have had friends ask me to hang out and I say, “sorry, I can’t tonight. I’m doing a self-care night”. I truly value self-care so much because I really do believe it has a positive impact on my mental health.